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Asphalt Road Resurfacing for Neil Street, Toowoomba CBD

Asphalt Car Park Toowoomba

The team at Byford Projects recently completed the resurfacing of Neil Street in Toowoomba CBD. The resurfacing job went from James Street through to Herries Street Toowoomba, and from the Empire Theatre to Bell Street Toowoomba. The job took over 5 weeks to complete.

We also recently completed an asphalt car park for the Anglican Church at Dalby, Queensland.

Asphalt Driveway Repairs Toowoomba

While properly installed and maintained asphalt can withstand the natural elements for many years, asphalt repair is an inevitable part of any car park or driveway. As asphalt pavements age, they begin to lose flexibility, causing cracking and the beginning of several defects. When addressed early on, defects can be kept away for many years with inexpensive maintenance and repair techniques. We offer a wide range of cutting-edge asphalt repair techniques that address all types of asphalt defects.


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