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BEWARE...Dodgy Bitumen Driveway Offers!

Hot Bitumen Driveways Toowoomba

Hot bitumen is exactly that, Hot Bitumen. It is a liquid bitumen that needs to be heated to around 180°C prior to being sprayed. Hot bitumen is made in controlled bitumen plants and comes in a variety of different grades, the most common ones are Multi-grade and PMB’s.

Multi-grade bitumen such as C170 or C320 are most commonly used as spray seals on Australian roads.

PMB or Polymer Modified Bitumen is a bitumen blended with either a synthetic polymer or crumbed rubber. PMB’s come in varying types containing different percentages of rubber. The rubber content gives PMB bitumen increased elasticity and cohesion and has an improved crack resistance.


There are operators around that advertise Hot Bitumen Driveways when in fact they are using a bitumen emulsion. Bitumen Emulsion is a water based bitumen product that typically consists of 60% bitumen and 40% water, which when sprayed by a competent and professional contractor will give great results as a spray seal.

Unfortunately, due to emulsion being water based, these dodgy operators will add additional water, thereby diluting and weakening the strength and effectiveness of the emulsion. These operators are relying on most people not knowing the difference between quality and poor quality bitumen spray’s. These operators are only after a quick buck and will approach homeowners, saying things like ...

  • We have left over bitumen

  • We are only in the area for a short time

Or do letterbox drops or roadside signage stating ...

  • Hot Bitumen Driveways

  • 20% discount

More often than not, these ‘operators’ are more expensive than professional contractors.

No reputable, respectable Bitumen Business will do cold calls offering cheap bitumen.


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