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Bitumen Driveway Spray Seal, Dalby

Byford Projects recently completed a Bitumen Driveway Spray Seal in Dalby, near Toowoomba.

Hot Spray Bitumen Sealing can be used for roads, carparks, driveways, bike tracks, walkways and anywhere that requires all-weather use. There are four steps to completing a hot spray bitumen seal. The first and most important step is proper ground preparation.  The appearance and longevity of a bitumen seal will only be as good as what it is built on.  A heavily compacted gravel base or a pre-existing bitumen surface is required to provide a long lasting finish.

The second step is spraying the job with prime. The prime, which is a sealing membrane, protects the job prior to sealing as well as providing a bond onto which the bitumen can adhere to. The third step involves spraying a layer of hot liquid bitumen and then covering the liquid layer with a layer of pre-coated aggregate (stone). The area is then rolled to ensure there is a good bond between the bitumen spray and the stone. The fourth step is a repeat of step three; another layer of hot liquid bitumen is sprayed and another layer of pre-coated aggregate is applied. The second time around a smaller stone is used to fill in the voids left between the aggregate of the first layer. The job is rolled one more time and is then complete.



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