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Construction of a 100m Bitumen Driveway Toowoomba

Byford Projects recently completed a 100m bitumen driveway for a property in Toowoomba. We laid and compacted 100mm of roadbase before sealing with a 2 coat bitumen spray seal using 14mm pre-coated aggregate on the base coat and 7mm pre-coat on the top coat to give a smoother finish.

Due to the composition and elemental makeup of bitumen, it has a number of advantages over other popular surfacing materials such as paving, gravel and concrete. Often used for car parks, long driveways and semi-rural properties, bitumen is a preferred surface due to its relatively low cost. Bitumen does not require expansion joints and can often be installed without the removal of old surfaces, making it a lot faster to install and maintain. With easy installation and maintenance comes a level of affordability, which makes surfacing or resurfacing a bitumen driveway a popular choice.


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