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Did You Know We Repair Bitumen and Asphalt? Bitumen Repairs Toowoomba

Bitumen Repairs Toowoomba

Asphalt Repairs Toowoomba

While bitumen remains an excellent choice for many pavement applications, it does require periodic maintenance. Proper and timely maintenance will ensure that your bitumen surface is easier to clean, safer for pedestrians, looks more attractive, and has a longer lifespan. Our bitumen paving experts can help you to evaluate your paving situation and develop an appropriate maintenance plan.

Over time, your bitumen surface will move through phases of light maintenance to repair, and eventually to resurfacing or replacement. Bitumen can crack, develop potholes and break away around the edges. Cracks can be sealed using liquid Samifilla, a hot rubberised sealant which seals the crack and stops water from getting under the bitumen and causing more serious problems. We can fix potholes using either hot mix or cold mix bitumen, revitalising it to its once smooth surface. Larger problems areas can be removed using our profiler and then corrected. These services can usually be completed with minimal disruption to your property.

Resurfacing can be expensive and evaluating proposals can be confusing. Our quotes always focus on delivering a quality product not simply winning the job with cheap prices based on cutting corners or using sub-par materials. As part of your replacement project we can provide amenities such as catch basins, islands, drains, footings and other concrete construction needs.


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