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The Benefits of Using Asphalt

Asphalt Toowoomba

Using asphalt for driveways, shed pads and carparks has many advantages over pavement surfaces constructed using other materials. Here are a few benefits to using asphalt for your construction:

  • Asphalt expands and contracts according to the temperature, and therefore has a much lower risk of cracking.

  • Asphalt is very fast curing and so can be driven on within 24 hours of being paved.

  • Asphalt is available in a range of colours and finishes to suit your home or business, and can be shaped to suit any area.

  • Asphalt is very easy to repair if cracked, and worn or damaged asphalt can be resurfaced and resealed to extend it's life.

Here is an Asphalt Driveway we recently completed at Highfields, Toowoomba.

Below is a shed pad we recently completed in Toowoomba.


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