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Why Asphalt is Better than Concrete

Asphalt Driveway Toowoomba

Bitumen Driveway Toowoomba

If you are having trouble deciding whether to choose Asphalt or Concrete for your driveway, look no further. Here are 4 reasons as to why Asphalt is the best choice for your driveway.

1. Asphalt is Cost-Effective.

When comparing the costs of asphalt and concrete driveway installations, in many cases asphalt will end up being significantly cheaper than concrete. This is because asphalt driveways are less labour-intensive and take less time to lay.

2. Asphalt has a Faster Installation Time.

On average, it takes only one to two days to lay an asphalt driveway, including site preparation. When laying a concrete driveway, it has to cure for a week or more before you can drive on it, compared to an asphalt driveway which can almost be driven on instantly.

3. Asphalt is Easier to Repair.

One of the best features of asphalt is that it's flexible. This means it can shrink and expand without cracking, enduring harsher weather conditions and erosion under the surface. Concrete will need to be repaired more often, making it expensive and time-consuming.

4. Asphalt is Resilient

Once installed, an asphalt driveway will last up to 30 years with proper care and maintenance. A concrete driveway can last just as long, however, it will most likely need to be resurfaced way before asphalt will, and concrete repairs are expensive.

Check out the progress pictures of a recent asphalt driveway installation in Highfields, June 2021.






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