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What is Bitumen Spray Sealing?

Bitumen Driveway Toowoomba

Bitumen Spray Sealing is a simple and cost-efficient way to quickly resurface a road, driveway or carpark when compared to using asphalt or other forms of paving. Bitumen spray sealing is the most common type of road surfacing in Australia, as it is highly functional and can suit an array of paving applications, such as roads, highways, carparks, driveways, bike paths and more.

The process involves spraying a base coat on top of the road or pavement surface, then covering it with an aggregate layer (14mm) which is embedded into the underlying bitumen surface using a roller. A top layer is then sprayed, with a second application of aggregate (7mm) used to lock in the first layer. This results in a waterproof, skid-resistant, highly functional paved surface which will extend the lifespan of any paved surface.

Bitumen spray-sealed driveways typically last between 7 and 15 years depending on care, usage and weathering. Resealing your road, driveway or carpark with a bitumen spray seal is an important part of the periodic maintenance and restoration of all bitumen and asphalt pavements.

Below are before and after images of a driveway we recently spray sealed in Toowoomba.


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